Learn How To Gain Weight As A Vegan

how to gain weight as a vegan

Gaining weight, for some people can be really easy. And for other people, it can be difficult. But for all those vegans out there it is really hard to gain weight that you are trying to achieve. Hopefully, in this article, I will show you how to gain weight as a vegan with ease.

how to gain weight as a vegan

First tip

Consume more calories than you expend.

Our bodies are constantly expending energy for uses such as maintaining physiological functions such as blood circulation and breathing processing the food that we eat and to power physical activity. There are other factors that play into the amount of energy that we expend such as temperature or stress. But these are like the primary ones the sum of expended energy is called a total daily energy expenditure also known as T d e e not to be confused with T T V with Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q they’re more detailed ways and finding out how much energy or calories you expend daily. But a good way to estimate is to use the TDC calculator by searching online. Just do a quick google search and you can find it. The idea is that once you find out how many calories you expend daily you’re going to want to consume more calories than that. So for example if you expend 2000 calories daily then maybe you want to consume 2300 calories. OK. So a lot of people struggle with gaining weight because they can’t bring themselves to even eating that much. So that brings me to the next tip, to make your environment cold.

Hot Foods

We tend to eat a lot more especially hot foods when we’re cold because we want to make our bodies warm by increasing fat stores and insulation.

This is why a lot of people bulk during the fall-winter and then cut during the spring-summer. And I also do that really just going by how my body feels. But even if it is summertime you can blast the AC and just scarf down some food.

Like a Train

Which brings me to the next tip on how to gain weight as a vegan is to eat like you train. I recommend putting on music like the things that get you fired up at the gym because you want to be in a mindset that you’re going to crush it and much like getting that last read. You have to get another spoonful of food. I used to have this rule where I wasn’t allowed to put down a spoon until all the food was gone. It motivated me to clear the plate. 

Bigger Plates

Next, bigger plates for bigger portions. We tend to fill up our plates no matter what the size. So there’s a smaller plate you’re going to put the amount of food out of it honestly and if it’s a bigger plate you’re going to put them on food that fits on that plate. So grab the big plate and if you had in mind you’re not gonna put the spoon down unless all of the food is completely gone then you’re on the right track to going along with this process of eating.

Eating faster

Here’s the next tip, eat faster.

Generally, we want to eat slower. We’re always told Eat slower Take your time. But for the sake of gaining weight, we want to eat faster eating faster may delay the hormone leptin from alerting your brain that you’re full. So with that in mind, you’ll just keep on eating. Keep on eating. Keep on eating. And then. by the time that leptin hits you have a lot of calories and just a note fiber and protein make us feel pretty full. And I’m not saying the cut these out of your diet doesn’t but just be aware that you might not be able to. Eat a lot of a particular food because of its protein or fiber content.

Drink what you eat

The next tip on how to gain weight as a vegan is to drink after you eat. Obviously, you don’t want to fill up on liquids that will make it difficult for you to eat more. If you’re going to drink during your meal always a drink a little bit of water just to make sure things are moving along. But other than that wait until after.


Have dessert lined up for after your meal. How many times have you gone to a restaurant got a full-on savory food and then asked the server for the dessert menu? I’ve definitely done it a lot. Our appetite for something sweet can lead us to eat more regardless of how we feel.


Last tip. Sleep more. Your body needs rest in order for certain biological functions to occur. This is beneficial for people trying to lose weight gain weight whatever. It’s so important. So just make it a priority.

I hope that all these tips have helped you out and that it makes your weight gain a lot easier.

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